Withering Synergy

by Sacrificed Alliance

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released January 23, 2016

All music and lyrics by Sacrificed Alliance
Classical guitars on track 9 & 11 by Patrick Lizotte
Recording/mix/master by Silver Wings Studios
Artwork by Samuel Nelson
Layout by BlackChapter Productions



all rights reserved


Sacrificed Alliance Montreal, Québec

Symphonic / Melodic Death Metal band from Montreal

Contact sacrificedalliance@live.fr for any infos or booking

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Track Name: Crépuscule
Jour, tu me sembles très follet, trop follet
Ton âme est si balafrée
Nuit, décèle moi tes secrets, mes secrets
Ton essence si éthérée
Track Name: Moonlight
The celestial fire is dying
A whole sky covered in blood
Oh…his wounds are ravishing
Don’t worry, he’ll be reborn tomorrow

But now his time is over
His blinding rays hide too many things
The joy that he brings is killing me
Because my happiness hides within the stars

Kneeled on the ground
Contemplating the strange bursts
Gazing at the sky
Admiring… oh, so beautiful bursts…

Moonlight cleanses my mind
Fog in my head vanishes at your sight
Moonlight, your transcendent purity
Drowns my soul in a blissful sorrow

Dream catcher,
Show me your most forgotten secrets
Silence, pure silence,
Your words are more meaningful than anything

Stardust covers the sea
I want to be your dust, please let me be…
Soon he will shine again
Drown me in this beatific pain…
Track Name: The End of the Endless
Far away in the void
Where time is frozen
Phenomenon of a neocreation
Blankness comes to life

An era of new ‘’domination’’
Overtaking the Blessing
:’’But we were supposed to last forever…’’
Do you really think you will?

Eternal is dead
The cleansing has failed
The chaos has been fed
We’re cloaked in ashes and dust

End of our beliefs
of our thoughts
of the fateless…
End of our kind
of our cruelty
of the endless…

Why try to conquer the cosmic
After what we have done?
Innocence and comfort
Has brought us to an end

When the sun will rise above our heads
We will realize that we are done
Our kind will rot on the ground for ages
And maybe we’ll start once again
Track Name: The Price of Innocence
Upon the vast soiled field
Infection; through the breeze
Reckless souls beg to be healed
Cadavers spread the disease

An infectious composting
Worse than simply dying
Leaving a trail of lies
Shadows and dust; disguised

Sigh and rupture
Woe and despair
Awe and terror
Gloom and sorrow

Endemic landscape
Endemic landscape

When their immune system hits zero
The contagion will kill them all
They’re submerged by a wave of sorrow
It’s the price of innocence

An infectious composting
Worse than simply dying
Spreading faster than Black Death
An omnipresent pandemic
Track Name: Tale of a Lunatic Mortal - Dusk/Psychosis/Exhaustion
I’m; leaving my spirit as dusk arrives;
Hallucinating erratic horrors;
Seeking to flee in this abundance of dust;
Suffering of this lugubrious stupor

In my lunacy, frantic with fear
I'm begging my mind to stop
Visions of my egocentrism
Sins and broken soul

Spurious melodies
Tangled emotions

In my insanity, everywhere around me
There are waves made of tears
Leaving me in a mental putrefaction
I’m decaying in fear

In my lunacy, haunted by cries
The specters are shrieking at me
Visions of myself in mourn,
Of my guilty reality
Finally, the light has brought total silence…
But my existence is forever gone
Track Name: Vers un abysse astral
Levons l’ancre!
Le crépuscule pose lentement son ombre sur les voiles
Indiquant le vague chemin parsemé d’étoiles
Laissant derrière nos âmes englouties de chancre

Tant d’impressions, de déjà-vu...
Voguant sur la mer embrumée,
Aveuglés par notre destinée,
Nous fonçons le cœur dépourvu

Au cœur de la mer
Nous délaissons notre terre
Au cœur de la mer
Pour atteindre l'éther

Les doux vents s’animent lentement, des éclats naissent subitement
Transmutant le paysage, vision devenue mirage
Les vagues s’agitent violemment, l’océan...notre assaillant
Marées de félonie, devenues typhon d’agonie

Au cœur de la mer
Notre esprit amer
Au cœur de la mer
Une satanée galère...

À genoux, le regard vide, révélations
Croyant atteindre la béatitude,

Nos pupilles plongent dans les fausses constellations
Où sommes-nous? Abysse!

Le sablier...épuisé, le drapeau...déchiré
La mêlée qui était déjà gagnée nous fera maintenant ruisseler...
Track Name: Across the Murky Marsh
Rowing through an odd and chilling fog
Hidden from sanctity and sunlight
There are insects, mud and mutations
An occult bog of desolation

A ghastly view of nature's reign
A latent contrast of life and death

Swamp wasps and weeping spirits;
Frightful roots and horrific branches

A sublime view of nature's reign
A latent contrast of life and death
Opaque water, so thick, so dark
The moss; spreading over my barque

In this eerie sketch I’m closing my eyes
And I leave my soul in the murky marsh
Track Name: A Dying Star
You’re painting the sky at nightfall
The complete opposite of a scrawl
You’re coloring the night orb when it's dark
My quintessential landmark

Our symbol of eternity
An ephemeral eternity...
When our aeon will die,
The Being will be left in a sigh

Before you fall asleep, (Death!Death!)
Let me appreciate your gift (Death!Death!)
You’re the essence of all nature
Yet a simple dying…

You’re making the wild flourish
My life's fundamentals
You create the warmth amongst us
Thawing the omnipresent idiocy

Before you fall asleep, (Death!Death!)
Let me appreciate your gift (Death!Death!)
You’re the essence of all nature
Yet a simple dying star
Track Name: Serene Winds & Fading Colors
Just like the sap facing the chill,
My world is leaving with the wind
Fallen leaves ; resting my within
A solace to my disemboweled will

So many colors during this gloomy time,
A true fascinating dreamscape
Such a pleasant and sanguinary landscape
Suddenly, my living takes another meaning

The cold breeze flows through my scarred tears
Leaving me an illusion of bliss
I retrieve myself in this odd aura
Within this dying flora

Vivid colors during this darkish time
The autumn; my sheltering shrine
A pure and fresh aroma is floating in the air
The sweet scent of misanthropy and despair

The cold breeze flows through my scarred tears
Leaving me an illusion of bliss
I retrieve myself in this odd aura
Within this dying flora

The mournful woods are veiled of paint
What was beautiful is now dazzling
The carrying winds take me away,
From ‘’noxious’’ to ‘’marvelous’’

What? What’s happening to my shelter?
Why are they all falling like feathers?
Please tell me it’s changing for something better
Because all those colors are… fading
Track Name: Fimbulvetr
A magnificent faded view,
Before an execrable renew

There’s magic powder on the ground
Maybe the sun can bring something good…
I’m waiting right here in the woods
For the angels to cure my wounds

Let me watch your frozen tears
It keeps away all my fears
Caressed and soothed by your breath
Your coldness warms up my heart

Why does your skin show reflections of calmness?

A snowy landscape, shivers in my eyes
Frostbite of hate and despair
An heavenly sight of this goddamned hell
Don’t make me wait and take them away

Why do your eyes show reflections of sadness?

A land covered in purity
Carrying my cries away
A tempest of serenity
Blowing my mind away

Vicious northern winds
The core is frozen
Precious northern winds
The only pearl of Men

The light dies faster
Bringing the darkness to the Great White North
The night lives longer
Eclipsing the sadness of humankind

The mercury is dying
The purity is coming
We will see true beauty
In these walls of despair

The mercury is dying
The purity is coming
We will see true beauty
But it will not last long enough

A regain of hope
Oh… Fimbulvetr
Track Name: Le cirque de l'angoisse
J’entends au loin une coquette mélodie
Cherchant l'autodérision des misérables
Guidé vers cette infâme parodie
Je m'assis et regarde l'effroyable

Des trampolines psychiques
Tissées de leur propre sang
Marchant sur le fer défaillant
Les funambules tombent dans la fosse fatidique

Un maquillage au teint vicieux
Pour masquer leurs tentations éphémères
Des déguisements souillés et disgracieux
Une altération morne et amère

L'assistance, mutilée par le subconscient
Coulant dans le bain de ses propres larmes
Et insouciante de ses irrémédiables sottises
Restera hypnotisée par le cirque de l’angoisse

Des bouffons, fleur au veston
Projetant l'absinthe qui fait oublier l'inertie
Tel un mime, privé de parole
Condamné au fouet, agonie

L’auditoire, en fait…ce qu’il en restera
Continuera d'ovationner cette plaisanterie
Ne réalisant toujours pas, en putréfaction
Qu’elle est elle-même le cirque de l’angoisse